Cyber-espionage, Cyber-attacks, Data leakage… : Is your Business really sustainable and protected?

Conference By Grégorio Matias, Managing Partner MCG, Baudouin Poncelet, Person in charge of the Industrial Risks at Maxel, and by Antoine Declève, Lawyer at Célès.

Your company or organization’s data is one of its greatest assets. Commercial offers, customer databases, R&D results and know-how, to mention just a few, are often the very substance of your activity... Protecting them is essential to the survival of your business!

The “Forum of Experts” will provide you with complete clarity of the challenges, risks and solutions for making your data secure through answers to the 10 most relevant questions you ask!

The 10 points to watch for that three experts will be examining under the magnifying glass:

  1. Is businesses’ data really at risk?
  2. Should I be worried about hacker attacks? Why my business?
  3. How can I find out if there is a data leak in progress?
  4. Is the cloud a solution to my IT security problems?
  5. Does cybercrime insurance exist?
  6. What limits are there to these types of insurance products?
  7. Does outsourcing the risk through insurance constitute a sufficient approach?
  8. What does new European legislation have to say about “data protection”?
  9. What are the financial penalties for the businesses concerned?
  10. Which businesses are concerned by this legislation and when will it apply?

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Date : 16 March 2016 at 18h15

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duration : 2 x 45 minutes – conference (45’) + Q&A (45’)
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