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PlayStation 4 Sales Hit 18.5 Million

With no need for price cuts Sony on Monday announced that it had sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles to consumers since the device's launch in November 13, further distancing the front-runner from the Xbox One. Furthermore, the consumer electronics firm sold 4.1 million PS4 consoles in the final six weeks of 2014 alone, a healthier-than-expected end to an already dominant year. read more

Posted January 06 / by WindowsITPro - Paul Thurrott's WinInfo News

AT&T Follows T-Mobile (Again), Offers Rollover Data

And consumers win Continuing a theme that persisted throughout 2014, where T-Mobile blazes a path, the bigger wireless carriers follow, and more consumers benefit. This time around, the innovation is rollover data, a plan by which customers of the carriers can move unused data bandwidth to the next month. read more

Posted January 08 / by WindowsITPro - Paul Thurrott's WinInfo News

Short Takes: January 9, 2015

An often irreverent look at this week's other news An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including an ignoble end for Microsoft's advance security notification service, the malaise that is CES, Maryland chooses Office 365 and common sense, Microsoft supports Bitcoin on Windows Phone, you can play old MS-DOS video games on the web for free, Google is selling auto insurance, and Apple reaped $4.5 billion from third party app sales in 2014. read more

Posted January 09 / by WindowsITPro - Paul Thurrott's WinInfo News

About All Those Things at CES 2015

Michael Crichton saw this one coming The buzzword at this week's CES 2015 in Las Vegas is of course "The Internet of Things," an annoying term for something—interconnected embedded devices—that has been around for many years. This isn't the first time the tech industry has jumped the shark with a new term for something old—cloud computing is an obvious recent example—but surely there is a better way to discuss this technology and how it will impact our lives. read more

Posted January 07 / by WindowsITPro - Paul Thurrott's WinInfo News

Short Takes: January 16, 2015

An often irreverent look at this week's other news An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including the end of a good run, Google halts sales of Google Glass, Xiaomi launches yet another look-alike product, Intel posts strong PC numbers, high-tech firms settle poaching antitrust lawsuit, and Microsoft does the right thing (again) for the Xbox One. read more

Posted January 16 / by WindowsITPro - Paul Thurrott's WinInfo News

Overcoming the Biggest Data Center Challenges When Working with Colocation

Sponsored by: Vertiv Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT - Duration: 1 hour read more

Posted May 15 / by WindowsITPro - Security Articles

Catalogic® ECX® integration with Pure Storage for VMware Virtualization

Organizations of all sizes need to modernize their IT processes in order to enable critical new use cases such as operational automation, DevOps and integration of system-of-record data with scalable compute. Read this whitepaper which discusses the specific ways to manage, orchestrate and analyze Copy Data in a VMware® infrastructure deployed on the Pure Storage FlashArray using Catalogic Software’s intelligent Copy Data Management platform, ECX. read more

Posted May 20 / by WindowsITPro - Security Articles

Red Hat's Vision for an Automated Enterprise

Yesterday at Red Hat Summit, the company laid out its vision of the future, and it did so with hardly a mention of the word "Linux." Instead, we heard about "the automated enterprise, powered by Ansible." read more

Posted May 04 / by WindowsITPro - Security Articles

Five Reasons for Enterprise Use of Open Source

If there is anyplace in the enterprise where the use of open source software is still a hard sell, it's going to be with management. By now, most workers and managers in IT departments are already sold on open source, and deploy it whenever they can -- if they're allowed to do so. read more

Posted May 01 / by WindowsITPro - Security Articles

The Importance of Securing Remote Access to Active Directory

Sponsored by: Skyport Systems Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT - Duration: 1 hour read more

Posted June 15 / by WindowsITPro - Security Articles

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