How to ascend from Network Hell to Network Paradise ?

There´s a well-known adage that applies more than ever to networks: “out of sight, out of mind”. By their very essence, network infrastructures are invisible. The only thing that users and management see are the cables running out of their PC - and in some cases (WiFi), even those don´t exist! So how can this component be appreciated at its true value (in terms of needs)?    

This is the main reason why networks are very often neglected … because they’ve been forgotten. However, in many cases, this choice is materialised by a “Hell”. An experience that one of our clients went through is worth more than a longwinded explanation …     

During a move, the new network infrastructures project was entrusted to a service provider whose speciality was electricity and cabling. No study was performed, no needs were measured, and even our client´s actual activity was forgotten … the result: 3 years of sheer hell with its network. The performances were catastrophic because in its core business it had to transfer very heavy files (which only grow larger with every passing year!).

After 3 years, we were entrusted with the mission of reorganising the network with just a single objective: meeting their needs.

An extensive needs analysis, a study of the business and modes of the internal production processes culminated in a design and specific recommendations, even with regard to the type of active hardware that was necessary.

“Once bitten, twice shy …“ the client thus asked us to implement and prove to it through experience that this was true … which we did … and for more than 4 years now, in the client’s own words: “… it´s been a genuine pleasure …”. In sum, we guided our client every step of the way on the ascent from Network Hell to Network Paradise!

Commitment to achieving the goals