The Dimitri's Advice

Our collaborator, Dimitri, will give you 3 essential recommendations to keep in mind if your company work in ''Hybrid''.

Today, the majority of companies are “Hybrids”; sharing their both IT on-premises and in the Cloud; whether they use SaaS solution or IaaS solutions, both are using at least a Cloud service.

Based on this fact, we remind you of three important basic tips.

✅ Your risk analysis should integrate the “Cloud usage” because when signing the Cloud Terms and Conditions you accept by default the “risk sharing model” where the responsibility for security is still on the customer hands and not only on the provider side

✅ After signing, you are responsible for providing the right people with access to the right data. The services used are mainly in the Public Cloud, which allows access from anywhere in the world. So, strong authentication is critical.

✅ You are also responsible for the back-up of your data. Set up state of the heart solutions that can also serve as a “reversibility" solution.

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The Dimitri's Advice

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