Migration to Office /Microsoft 365 and securing the process

The Covid 19 epidemic has clearly left its mark. In our lives, in societies, in our way to communicate and work. A negative mark, but also a positive one. Just take a look at the leap in terms of innovation…

The ultimate proof: the ritual of meeting by videoconference has now become the new norm. Everything now happens in the cloud - but behind the ease, hides the risk. Care must be taken.

In IT and Cybersecurity too, habits and risks have changed. Focus today on the migration of messaging infrastructure to Office / Microsoft 365.

Office / Microsoft 365: intensive migration movement

Successive confinements have made us aware of the real added value of tools in the cloud: various tools in a uniform suite, attractive packages, subscription prices, limited constraints. Home has become the new office. All these tools have opened up a new horizon for us. It went very very quickly.

Clearly, the MCG teams have observed during these difficult times, an intensive migration movement of internal messaging infrastructures to Office / Microsoft 365. Moreover, this movement is not slowing down and is only intensifying!

“Bundling” has enabled the multiplication of offers in the cloud

It is also necessary to be able to understand the success of the existing offers, such as, for example, Office / Microsoft 365 This particularly lies in the fact that the SaaS service resides in a very attractive package or bundle.

In the various tools of the suite, we can find Teams but not only! - the great classics like Sharepoint, the collaboration tool, which makes it possible to share and manage content, but also team knowledge, this creates a strong and attractive dynamic.

OneDrive, which allows you to store, organize and protect files and data, is also attending the party. In short, all these members of the same family generally have the sole purpose of making your life and work easier.

Office / Microsoft 365 and the Cloud: the risk of cyberattack is never far away…

Let's not hide behind the ease of use, these services have many advantages. But there is still the risk of data loss or theft, or even cyberattacks that will cause great harm.

Worse, it can shake the structure of your business and damage your vision and/or your business. The risk should not be overlooked.

Even with solutions that are a priori more … intuitive, it is essential to properly measure the impact of risks and of a cyber incident.

In the right order, to properly measure all the issues, it will be important to take a few important steps in protecting your services in the cloud:

An impact analysis: by analyzing and studying the potential risks related to a cyberattack that could affect your infrastructure.

The design of storage spaces: by first listing the necessary storage volumes and then by compartmentalizing them in a coherent, intelligent and secure way

Be clearly descriptive and precise in the implementation of the security systems to be implemented, whether by integrating them into a Microsoft subscription, or from “third parties”

In any case, these are only a few preliminary steps to any cyber protection project that will need to be discussed and analyzed with your MCG consultant and expert. Because your company, your project, are unique. A tailor-made and adapted response must therefore be implemented.

With MCG: on board the flagship of cyber protection

More than ever in an extremely changing and fast moving digital universe, it is essential to be surrounded by the best experts in the field.

MCG has supported and continues to support many customers in this type of critical migration - Office / Microsoft 365, to make it a success.

The goal is to succeed in providing value to the company, in the short, medium and long term, while ensuring that the final solution has at least as much security as the starting solution.

MCG, from the beginning to the end of the project by your side!

Our cybersecurity experts and consultants are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact them.



Migration to Office /Microsoft 365 and securing the process

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